Art to Uplift the Soul

Journey with Intuitive Artist Valerie Graniou-Cook

I paint to remember the world within. For me, painting is all about emotions and memories of an elusive place where everything is more vibrant and softer at the same time. Dancing between abstract and figurative, I strive to bring back memories of the soul one brush stroke at a time. I believe that reality is a reflection of the inner self and I long to promote healing and transformation from within.

Delve into Color

Create a unique, custom and individualized Fine Art Print

I hope that my paintings will inspire you to delve deeper within yourself— to allow the dreamer in you to connect with your own spirit and find comfort and peace within. 

Get Inspired

Add serenity with inspiring artwork.

My original paintings are for sale. I also offer reproductions of my work in a range of products including canvas prints or framed prints, keepsake boxes and more. Please contact me if you are interested in commissioning a unique painting, or if you would like to buy a custom embellished print on canvas. Finally let me know if a painting that you like is not currently offered as a print and I will make it available to you.

Music Video

Free to a New World

Music and Lyric by Glo Macari, Dominic Ferris and Roger Ferris

Vocals by Cormac Thompson

Original Art, Animation and Editing by Valerie Graniou-Cook

Painting Process

Discover my painting process and enjoy how the colors flow on the canvas. See how my artwork comes to life.