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Mixed Media - 30x24 inches

Crossing Worlds is a painting based on an amazing spiritual experience that I had when my best friend’s father died. As I felt his consciousness leaving his body, images superimposed in my mind. I saw a beautiful boat waiting for him at the river bank with several luminous beings coming out to greet him. There was a soft white light illuminating everything, and the grass shimmered with gold. I felt his total elation, tremendous joy and excitement along with the shock of recognition of being still “alive” in a new dimension and form. Realizing that life does not stop after death, he felt fully liberated from the physical difficulties of life. I understood that we were standing at the gateway between world, and that when he would step into the boat he would then leave the Earthly plane. The boat takes the departing soul through the river to other dimensions and worlds. It felt like there is not just one other world but many dimensions, and that each soul goes where it belongs. Later a nurse who helped during the passing said that often being at the side of dying patients, she had experienced several times the emotions of the departing going through her body at the time of death. I realized that it was what happened to me as well, and that he used the surge of energy of his passing to manifest to his family through me and to be able to give them a last goodbye from the other side.

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